Pixie Frog Time !!!!!!!

Here we go friends time to blog about A true Beast The one and only Pixie frog aka South African Bullfrog.They are the second largest frog in the world! Weight is up to 4.4 pounds !!! One interesting fact about this frog is the males are bigger than the females. In most cases it’s the other way around.Males have A yellow throat with bigger facial features and females have A cream colored throat.The Pixies live in open grasslands and watering holes, these frogs share watering holes with elephants!!! In the dry season they form a cocoon with their skin and it holds in water to keep them alive. I  have also seen this done in captivity with the cocoon thing. It last A few weeks.I thought they were sick until I read about the situation,basically you just get A boring pet for awhile but they are ok.Ive read its not a good idea to keep waking them up when they are like that.

When Pixie Frogs Make WHOOPIE!!!!!!!!!

When these frogs do the Fandango they do it during the wet season.Tadpoles hatch in around 18 days .Survival rate is a mere 20% because these tadpoles eat their brothers and sisters.Another sad thing is if the wet season ends and they have not become froglets they will dry out and die 😦

What do they eat ?

In the wild Pixie frogs eat anything that fits in their mouths bugs,rodents,and even birds. In captivity I feed mine crickets and super meal worms.Ive tried to give mine A thawed pinkie mouse A couple times but I think they got scared of it. I do however think if I put A live mouse in their habitat it would be gone quick.I dont have the heart to do it though.

Are Pixies A good Pet for me !

I’ll be straight up and say yes if you want A cool frog.They are super Hardy and fun to watch them eat and they do eat A LOT ! If you have 1 froggy pet and only 1  it wont break your bank feeding them. They need A minimum of 10 gallons per frog for their tank.Cocoa fiber works best but remove it at feeding time.Have you ever ate dirt ? I have and it don’t taste good.No special lighting required so set up cost are low.Id recommend getting a smaller one . They grow  fast like every day you will notice it.These frogs range from $25 bucks to $150 or so.If you get an adult full grown male the size of a football your paying A lot.Downsides are lifespans are estimated between 5 and 8 years where some frogs lifespans can double that.They HAVE TEETH AND COULD MESS YOU UP! I own 3 and only 1 since  has had A pissy moment once and I laughed.She didn’t get me but 99.999999% of the time they act so lazy and cool but could piss on you.

Well that is all for now folks , I will try to post at least one blog A week.Wednesday ill be on here to announce the star of my next blog so check in.Thank you for reading,tell your friends,share on facebook etc. if you wanna donate a small amount for my work blc1234@aol.com is the paypal.It’s my wifes account because she is the boss :p Also https://www.facebook.com/warriorofwildlife is the link to my new facebook page.