Feeding time !!!! Happy pixies

Feeding time !!!! Happy pixies

Yep ever since we got A 2 bedroom where 1 room turned into A reptile room “lucky critters ” our Pixies have been allowed to roam around at feeding time.I do this so they dont swallow their cocoa fiber because its caca and also because its funny seeing them stick their giant tongues out and stand in A circle eating nummies.


Our pixies Bubble,Dixie and Pixie chillen in their giant tubby

Our pixies Bubble,Dixie and Pixie chillen in their giant tubby

They say dont mix more than one frog together with these dudes ,its been A year and none have eaten each other!!!!!! I truely 100% believe all amphibians and reptiles are their own individuals. These have been slowly introduced to each other.If we got another it could very well eat its friends.

My first blog ever !!! Cane Toads and Leapord Geckos !!!!

Popping my cherry :
Well im pretty excited right now !!! Im doing this blog thing and I get to write articles and you all get to fucking read them.

A few things to get out of the way before we talk about Cane Toads and Leopard Geckos.#1 My grammar sucks ,instead of correcting me on it you should go get laid or if that’s not possible at least touch yourself.#2 I do kinda have A little potty mouth so if the words fuck or blueballs offends you then you probly wont like when I call you A pussy for it.#3 I really want to post pics of our Cane Toad  “Buddy” and our 2 Leopard geckos Dorrito and Frito. They are all pretty awsome and I tought them how to swear.As soon as I figure out how to sync photos from my phone to my laptop I will post some pics.It’s 2014 and I just got my first laptop :p

Cane Toads aka Giant Marine Toads /wanted by the F.B.I.

These toads native to Central and South America are huge.Considered wanted and invasive in Australia and parts of Western and Southern Florida ,also part of Texas.They were brought in by farmers  to combat sugar cane pest .This plan backfired and toads spred rapidly.These toads eat some native species and have been known to kill many dogs with their highly toxic Bufo Toxin that comes from their glands.The toxin can also cause skin irritations to humans.In florida on their wildlife website it teaches you how to kill these the humane way.Also some forums have assholes bragging about how they step on them,shoot them,hit em with a shovel and fuck them.Ok I was kidding about the fucking them part but wouldn’t rule it out exactly either,they just don’t admit it.People lick these frogs after making them secrete toxins to get high and trip balls as well.

Heres my take

Human’s brought them in and now humans want to take them out .These toads might eat  native species and humans blame them for the decline. While I agree it’s part of it,us HUMANS are building and building more and more and taking away homes from so many animals yet they cant blame themselves . I do also believe in the wild its survival of the fittest as well.They are now part of where we live just like all the illegal immigrants we let in the United States. Another fact is Cane toads lay 30,000 eggs  and we pay zero to support them. The average illegal immigrant has 75,000 babies by the time they are  20 years old and we are all forced to support them. SOOOOO illegal immigrants are the real invasive species 🙂

Our Cane Toad Buddy

I found Him in Clearwater Florida A month ago.He’s happy and NEVER ONCE secreted Bufo Toxin one me. The most he’s done is piss on me.He likes his water bowl and sits in it.He eats crickets and cat crunchies meow mix.When I found him it was humid and 67 degrees out.I also read Cane Toads can know their owners in captivity 🙂 pretty smart and pretty cool

For more information

Check out the photos on google images,ill try to figure out how to download A pic of Buddy.You can purchase these toads online for 10 bucks give or take and their captive lifespan is around 15 years 🙂

Leopard Geckos / The best pet gecko for beginers

Leopard geckos come in an assortment of stiles due to captive breeding.In the wild they are found in Asia ,Pakistan and India. Their beautiful spots and orange color makes them really attractive.Oh yeah and they have A cool feature “eyelids that move”In cold winter months while in the wild they go into  brumation where they live off the fat they store in their tale.

Here’s my take on Leopard Geckos

If your thinking about getting A pet gecko and its your first reptile I 100% recommend this guy.They have such A calm attitude.Some might be A little crazy not wanting to  be held at first but that does go away pretty quickly.Cost 20-50 bucks  ,average lifespan 12-15 years so you will have it for awhile.

Our Leopard Geckos Dorrito and Frito

Yep named after chips,but anyway my wife brought Dorrito to me as A present when I got out of work one day.Dorrito was lovey and calm right out of the box. We purchased Frito last week so Dorrito would have A friend.The first  ten minutes they were kinda feeling each other out.Now :they cuddle constantly 🙂

For more information

Check out google images to see these.Also if your interested in purchasing A leopard gecko check out an online care sheet !

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